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We are making & testing our bath bombs at the moment. It looks good so far. It's quite fun, actually, making bath bomb and experimenting with it: What scents we should choose, colors, styles, ingredients, benefits, and so on. We will let you know when they will be available on our online store for purchase. Stay Tuned!  

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Introducing our fantastic bath bombs which will be available on our site soon! Probably by next month. Our bath bombs are handmade in our studio in London - make wit attention to detail and love, of course. We can't wait to add them to our site pretty soon. We will announce it here as soon as they become available. We are now busy with ordering the natural ingredients and stuff for the making of our bath bombs. We use quality ingredients from UK. We carefully select the best ingredients for our bath bombs. We do use real essential oils for the scents and...

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